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Individual skill development workout

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In this volume of Practice To Beat The Best we offer you a collection of drills for the individual improvement of the basketball player, to get better on your skills and fundamentals, aspects we care about and we have highlighted in other publications of our series. All the exercises in this book can be performed without the aid of supports so you don’t need a teammate or a coach to pass you the ball, the manual is aimed at coaches and players who want to work independently on the playground near their home or arriving early at gym for practice. All the drills can also be used in the practice plan of any type of team, each one has a detailed description with diagram and QR code to trace the video of the exercise.
This book made by Coach Antonio d'Albero is focused on all the fundamentals of the basketball and reproposes real game situations extrapolated from the match, analyzing sections of the offensive systems or readings based on defensive choices. The goal of Practice To Beat The Best is always to provide you with updated exercises for a current basketball, you can use our proposals as they are or modify them for your needs: increase or decrease the repetitions of the movements, lengthen or reduce the distances, add balls or change positions, etc. Have fun with us to “Practice To Beat The Best”!
Keep Up The great Work!


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