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Practice to beat the best

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This book is a basketball drills collection made from coach Antonio d’Albero, a long experienced coach with clubs and national teams around the world. You will also find many tips for your practice and all the ideas that the coach gathered during his interantional journey with different basketball cultures. All the drills are explained in detail with diagrams and descripions, a huge selection from skills excercises to playing situations. This manual also includes practice plans ready for your teams and a complete systems box. It is also a great source of basketball quotes, tales from the author and players, the praface and the forwords are from two legendary coaches Dan Huges WNBA champion and Dale Harris NBA coach of the year. Coach Antonio d’Albero comes out from the italian coaching school but he has been influenced very soon from the american and the european basketball philosophy.

5 reasons why to buy this book:

1. To increase your basketball drills knowledge

2. Because it is an all around basketball book very different fon any other collection

3. It is a book for coaches, players and basketball lovers. Expert or beginners will find it helpfull for their job, very fun reading for any basketball fan

4. Easy to browse and goes directly to your needs

5. If you love this game this is what are you looking for!


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